Conditions of sale


1) Orders are accepted subject to availability. We may, at our discretion, process orders in part order batches and in approximate quantities.
Part or late fulfilment of the order in whole or in part does not, in any circumstances, give the buyer the right to require immediate fulfilment of that order or to potential damages.
Any provision to the contrary inserted in the contract by the buyer is of no effect unless and until specifically endorsed by Cernierificio Valtoce Srl.

2) Carriage of the goods is at the buyer’s risk including where goods are sent carriage free. Risk passes to the buyer at the moment in which the goods leave our factory.

3) Any complaint about the goods must be made within eight days of their arrival. Any complaint made outside this period will be null and void and will not be entertained.
In no case will we be liable to compensate the buyer for direct or indirect damage or loss caused by defective goods.
Our liability is limited to the substitution or replacement of the defective goods or refund of their price.

4) We do not accept liability for the use of the goods in so far as the use is outwith our control.

5) The price of the goods is payable at our premises at Gravellona Toce.
The defined conditions of payment cannot be modified by the buyer and have force from the date of the invoice notwithstanding late receipt.
Property in the goods shall not pass to the buyer until we have received payment in full.

6) The competent forum in the case of every dispute or claim is the court of Verbania.