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Founded in 1924, the company started out as a traditional artisan concern, growing and developing over the years.

In 1966 the company moved its base to Gravellona Toce where, on a site of over 27,000 square metres, it established a modern factory equipped with the latest high tech plant and machinery which is continually updated.
The factory specialised in the production of hinges, becoming an important benchmark for the sector.
The vast range of products includes hinges in galvanised steel, brass and stainless steel as well as lift off hinges for furniture and door frames, mainly sold through ironmongers and major chain retailers.
More recently the company has, alongside its standard lines, designed and produced bespoke models for particular specialised industrial uses, and is able to fulfil both large and small production runs.
For bespoke products, and in particular for products for heavy-duty use with a plate thickness of up to 5 mm, the most advanced laser cutting technology is used.
The company covers the whole of the European market and also has outlets in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
The company is renowned for both the quality of its products and the punctuality of its deliveries.

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